Hand-made Custom Duck Calls by Jim Chamberlin

Chamberlin Custom CallsCustom Calls

Each  duck call is completely handmade from the finest call making woods including: bois d'arc,  African blackwood, olive, Arizona ironwood, and Texas ebony among others.  My mallard calls are Arkansas style with a single Mylar reed and are designed to blow loud and raspy as well as with the softest contented quack of the mallard hen. Mallard calls are never assembled from components manufactured by others.  Each tone board is individually turned, cut out, and then finally meticulously shaped using files and sandpaper.  The magic moment  for a call maker comes when just the right sound is produced.  Only then is one of our duck calls ready for the hunter.  No call leaves the shop that I would not personally take to the blind.  

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 If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your duck call, please send it back for a full refund of your purchase price.

This page last modified on August 3, 2020